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Mithunda adds more power to his years as he turns 68, Happy Birthday Gourango !

On behalf of all his fans, we wish him more successes to his career

Happy Birthday Mithun Chakraborty ! more prosperity and many more successes to your career
Asia’s first dancing sensation, India’s pelvic Presley and a Biggest Heart-throb of Russia from India, Mithun Chakraborty celebrates its 49th Birthday in Mumbai since the day he came to Mumbai in the year 1969. His struggle is truly a story of rags to riches, in spite of all the challenges and hurdles which he made it surmountable with sheer grit, determination and hard work with charm to churn out innumerable hits and become the revenue-boosters as a Hindi actor who churned out innumerable movie more from the southern region.

Mumbai always fascinated Mithun, it’s been his long-lasting yearn to try his luck and make it big in the Bollywood. He has always been reticent in celebrating his Birthday for some unknown reasons however remembering his first birthday in the year 1970 , the first Birthday in Mumbai, the tinsel town and the ambition-filled city for all the aspiring actors, had quoted many times about his initial days in many interviews which summarised  “ My initial years in Mumbai was the darkest period of my life, it's obvious that my first year in Mumbai was  mostly in hardship and relied on friends for any support and financial assistance. My first birthday was less in loneliness and isolation but more about my worries and unpredictability of my survival in Mumbai days ahead. ”

Mithun Chakraborty is the name that has made an indelible mark in the Hindi film industry records. An extremely talented actor, he has played some fabulous characters in many films and has won a lot of accolades. His charismatic appeal hasn’t withered with the age, has gracefully played characters that suited his image, and even then, made them seem real and solid.

Surojit Nag, a staunch Mithunist, resident from Kolkatta has his deep-rooted love and dedication for Mithun, his  idol, a mention of his Mithunda's name brings sparkle in his eyes with great happiness, expressing on what really made him feel crazy for this star, he says “ Mithun Chakraborty is a name I closely associate with my childhood. It was sometime in 1983 that a movie named “ Main Aur Mera Hathi” was screened in my boarding school in St Paul’s Darjeeling.  That was my first connect with Dada and it has been a long association since. I along with my close friend Arunava Saha has lived Dada’s career side by side. When things didn't go well, disappointment set in. Just when Dada was back with a hit, our joy knew no bounds. Now, at this moment eagerly waiting for new releases such as “GENIUS” & “THE TASHKENT FILES” "

Also a Mithunist, Santanu Chakraborty working as, Asia markets reporter with the Bloomberg in Mumbai who writes extensively on stocks, market structures and derivatives. Has diverse media experience in the US and India for past 17 years recalls few of the incidence where his love bloomed for Mithunda expresses Happy Birthday Mithunda, all the best wishes for a healthy life. Twice in life, I was astounded by your superhuman influence. Once in Salt lake city, USA, my name was called for a graduate presentation, my Armenian colleague turned back to ask “ are you related to Mithun?”. Next was how you reacted to Bipin in ‘Tahader Katha’ with vengeance will remain etched in my memory has the one expression that sums up India’s politics of past 100 years. You’re one of the greatest actors I’ve seen.”

Expressing his love from Howrah, a hard-core Mithunist, Dipankar Chakraborty joyfully stated “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Dada  16th June is just like 'Guru Purnima' for me! Guru is the inspiration, Guru is the Institution! You are the inspiration for every struggler who believes himself, you are the Institution ! how to make a success story by self-respect...stay healthy Dada & wish your long life.

On behalf of Mithun’s global fans Hemu Shetty wishes him more successes to his career “Mithunda you are an evergreen and priceless gem of Indian cinema, you’re every move and your movies has been an inspiring factor, your struggles, hardship and the determination in surmounting the hurdles have made us more adorable for you, we wish and pray for you so that you come- back to the Bollywood box-office the way you were known as ‘ Mithun the Movie Miracle’ forever. Wishing you a healthy life and successful career throughout your life so that you continue entertaining your fans and loyalist; remain inspiring to the followers of the Mithunism forever” 

The industry is rife with Mithun’s belief on how he prefers to keep a low-key on his birthday, he is averse in celebration and cake-cutting. But fans and loyalist across the world celebrates Mithunda’s Birthday as if it is own birthday. Mithun’s die-hard fans and followers a.k.a Mithunists is known to wish each other across the globe so that the belief in Mithunism spreads far and worldwide. Such is admiration, loyalty , dedication and love for him that on the eve of 16th June in his birthday, wishes and greetings come in various ways; for the sake of his fans and for those who would like to refresh the glory and leading days of Mithunda by taking a retro journey on his box-office heydays.

Gourango Basanta Chakraborty,(fondly known as Mithunda)  entered the Bollywood Industry with an art film (Directed by Mrinal Sen) Mriggayaa, winning his first National Award, in 1976. For those who don’t know much about him, I re-iterate that this dusky, unconventional young man went on to establish himself as a leading man in many commercial pot-boilers, and was renowned for his dancing moves. He created desi-disco and excelled at it with his lithe-limbed grooving. He earned two more National awards for his Bengali films. He blazed the silver screen. His humble and middle-class upbringing from the Northern part of Kolkatta during the 60’s unintentionally had paved way to Naxalism, which had a reverse effect that made him more determined which fueled the in-born revolutionary attitude to fight all the odds and surmount all the challenges with grit, intuition, warm approach , friendly and ever smiling overture to pave his path in the Asia’s most difficult film Industry, the Bollywood, to become the first dancing sensation that grooved across the hearts of the world.

Success didn't come on a platter for this talented lad in this overpowering dynasty dominated film Industry, struggling for more than a decade had his share of fluctuations, he had his downs more and ups less, however, every down gave him strength and confidence to do better and be a unique achiever. Every movie brought him more set of fans and each of his movies has some of the other milestones that showcase the immense talent that gave him more films bringing commercial success. Among the numerous hits, one movie that made him really touchy, as he spoke about it, excepts of the same from a reputed film magazine, Mithun was little melancholic as it was quoted  “ I have never spoken like this before but the response I have got after Pyar Ka Mandir is stupendous. They take their time to accept me and I assure you it will be sometime before they can forget me. To get acceptance in an industry dominated by Punjabis was not easy for me. I was too dark and too unconventional a hero. But I compelled them to notice me and now they love me. Believe me, it has been a hard climb for me and I deserve the success I enjoy today. And let me also tell you that to replace me someone will have to come up with something really different which I don’t think will happen for a long time”

“And if at all someone does come across, I’ll know it’s time for me to step down. This industry is nobody’s father’s property; every actor however big or small has to take leave some time or the other. No one can be around forever. It is the survival of the fittest here. Prove your worth and you’ll be adulated. Everybody is a competition for everybody. You cannot overlook; you have to keep fighting even when you at the top for there is always a scale which no one before you has touched” had added Mithun. 

Mithun to his fans has reached an untouched height. One of the ardent follower who in his  sixties now, also a regular box office tracker, recalling the heady days of Friday releases where only two stars ruled the Bollywood in 80’s one was Amitabh Bachchan and the other was none other than Mithunda, he reflected with deep thought “ One Amitabh film comes after a gap of almost two years, that factor definitely contributes to the excitement and curiosity of the masses. I wonder what would have happened if one Amitabh film was to be released every month (Like Mithun’s). Would the audience still be so eager? Mithun always assured an initial draw even if ten films of his release in one year. There was always a certain segment of loyal fans which came to see a Mithun Chakraborty film blindly. And I personally think that masses identify with him more than they do with any other actor, his pull and charisma was truly enchanting. He had the Indianness and a certain earthiness in him. In those days of his yore, He was the only actor who can make the audiences cry, laugh, perform action scenes to hit and dance virtuously the same time keeping the audience glued and entertained. Given a choice between Amitabh Bachchan and Mithun, I would prefer Mithun Chakraborty.”

Supporting the above claim, Masood Akhtar a die-hard loyalist of Mithun  added “ When Ganga Jamuna Saraswati was released, on the first show, the audience was most eager to see Mithun rather than Amitabh, irrespective of the outcome of the movie, it was an average grosser as it had lost out on the script because it couldn't justify the relevance of Mithun’s role making his loyal fans disappointed and Manmohan Desai couldn't weave his blockbuster magic never again. Years later Mukul Anand with Agneepath created a magic giving the apt role that could justify Mithun’s immense talent, audience and juries across got blown over with his performance.”

While speaking, Masood was brimming with joy and eyes filled with tears said  “Apart from being an action Hero, Mithun is also a great dancer and is a symbol of romance. His smiling face and the ability to connect with people at ease had made him popular. His ability and talent is marvellous, may he continue giving hits  and keep us entertained, wishing Mithunda a healthy and cheerful life”

A trade analyst of the 90’s, who was always upbeat on the Mithun release commented “Three successive hits in a row (Pyar Ka Mandir, Jeete Hain Shaan Se and Charanon Ki Saugandh) have proved that if there is any star after Amitabh Bachchan who can mesmerize the crowds and pull them to the theatre on his own stream, it is Mithun Chakraborty. With his successive hit films and other stars seemingly losing the pull, the producers and distributors started falling prey to his rising charisma.”

Recalling those palpable moments of the first-day-first-show, most of Bollywood was on tenterhooks as stakes were high and only two actors were prominent who kept the cash registers ringing and the audience was hopefully looking forward."In those years Producers and Distributors have stopped taking the risks on Solo-Amitabh or Solo-reigning-star-starrer anymore. To play safe they made Mithun sign on the dotted line as well. And the distributors are only too eager. For they have realized that it is better to be safe than sorry. In today’s unpredictable market where the fate of films is decided by the whims and fancies of the audience. Mithun guaranteed a big draw (if not bigger) as the reigning Shahenshah (Amitabh) of those days. Above all compared to any other actor in those days, Mithun’s anecdote of his humbleness and generosity towards the film-wallahs and his loyal fans were rife. Overall because of his benevolence, humbleness, friendly, affable, more accessible, more down-to-earth attitude, he was certainly a better proposition than the tall, angry Allahabadi.” Says a film financer, who was known to finance some of the Hindi films in 90’s, till now he maintains a close connection with both the stars and preferred to remain anonymous.

From Mrigayaa to Mera Rakshak to Surakksha to Hum Paanch to Disco Dancer to Pyar Jhukta Nahin to Dance Dance and till Pyar Ka Mandir, overall having three National Award to his credit, it’s been a slow but steady rise for Mithun with a larger fan base in Asia and other parts of the world. “Audience got overblown with Surakksha, the movie that gave Mithun the mammoth platform that he deserved, it's truly a Cult film that reinforced Bollywood that a real and complete star had arrived” puts in Vijay Upadhyay, a long time friend of Mithun and a close associate till now. Not only he had survived the onslaught of star-sons (Sunny Deol, Sanjay Dutt, Kumar Gaurav), star-protégés (Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Chunky Pandey), timed-entries (Vijayendra, Raj Babbar, Naseeruddin Shah during his entry days) and star-comebacks (Vinod Khanna, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna, Shatrughan Sinha) He out-paced them all, the proverbial dark horse and held his position in a promising way.  

Before his entry, he has perfected himself to all the department of histrionics thereby creating an onscreen persona (hitherto, during 70's which was not existent) with the target of becoming the next superstar after Amitabh proved to be successful. His portrayal of a tribal in Mrigayaa under the direction of Mrinal Sen has become a historical document and is been taken as studying material and a case-study to every aspiring actor to pick up any role.

The main difference between him and his predecessors, successors, contemporaries was that Mithun's films ran successfully in the whole of India and not just Hindi speaking areas and he did films of every genre simultaneously and has more critically acclaimed films to his credit than all other Hindi Actors of every generation. Mithun is among the few actors who can manage to strike a balance between different kinds of cinema and remain relevant and popular with both kinds of audiences - masses and classes for displaying his craft, having 3 national awards under his belt is a big achievement.

“He was the biggest and the most recocking real star Bollywood has produced ” praised Nalini Shetty, a diehard fan and loyal social media follower, further added “ I'd say stardom is that feeling of being possessed by your idol; you are so overwhelmed with euphoria you lose touch with reality. The trend of a lead star wearing huge bell bottoms and a stole (gamcha) on loose shirts became famous in the seventies and eighties because of Mithun.”

Since his entry, a new set of audience and his patronizers emerged, his easy going and down-to-earth demeanour made his peers protective about him (Rajesh Khanna adored him) and some of his heroines wanted to pair with him. Such was his earnestness, popularity, friendliness, humbleness and easygoing was his vibe that everyone wanted to be part of his growing adulation. His chemistry with upcoming directors and film-makers is today a stuff of rising and reigning dreams of every aspirant who has a similar background like Mithun, whatever he did in spite of his box-office records the emerging audience and fans lapped up everything about him, he had the whole range of socio-economic class following him in India, neighboring countries and the whole of Russia. Mithun was in their dreams, fantasies, hearts, T-shirts and everywhere, his colour was forgotten only the popularity of his sweat gleamed in their sight, such was the adulation of Mithun, he shone with pride and created an idol-worship for his followers.

His impromptu jigs were in sync with his inner rhythm and enthused a whole generation to the dance floor. Unrehearsed, unaffected, unpretentious……Mithun Chakraborty was the unobtrusive scene stealer. In a decade that breezed through with more than 350 movies and millions of fans across the nations……Mithun is the only actor that stroke the chord across with his sparkling smile, dance and talent giving a Bollywood entry through Disco Dance in India to form the first 100 crore club back in 1980’s.

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