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Negativity challenges and deteriorates an actor's performance

Guiding budding actors to be negative-free to give desired results

Negativity reflects forcefully on face and affects your expression and hence hampers actor's performance and career in the long run
Every actor prefers to deliver on its first shot. One of the best happiness you get in the day while being on the sets is the beaming face of the film director praising you for the camera shot you have delivered on the first shot. This could be a difficult feat, but not impossible, however, it could be challenging too to get an OK on the first shot if you haven't concentrated on the briefing and delivered appropriately. How much attempt or efforts you put up if you can't bring the right expression in spite of the timing, dialogue delivery, perfect movement, sync with the co-actors and crews, OKaying of the first shot will be right and accepted if the expression is perfect. To bring the expression perfect you need a concentration and for concentration, you have to be distraction-free and unnerved, for this, you have to be positively charged. And to be positively charged you have been in a negative-free mode.

The impact of external force in term of messages and perception perceived negatively affects the senses of the human beings in a large way. Actors are extra-emotional beings and for them, it shows very much in open. Faces reflect the negativity in an affirmed way and hence getting right emotions are very challenging and time is less as they have to move ahead for a different shot. In general, every person is responsive to a greater degree of negativity. So an actor should always try ignoring or diverting the negativity so that it doesn't affect their deliverables. Alas! Many actors are not aware of the impact of the negativity (negative energy) can have on us. The truth is that when you are surrounded by positive energy even your body acts accordingly and more efficiently. Knowing that the negative energy has the negative impact on people as well. You can be a victim of this negative effects without being aware of it! There are some signs to find out if you are under the influence of the dark energy or not and in this article we are going to introduce them to you!

Negativity on the sets is a common phenomenon, as here every one is full of aspirations, a minor dejection leads to a major setback, hence they rebound mostly in a negative way, trying to attack whoever is gullible and vulnerable. The strugglers are the first victim to any of such attacks because a dejected person will never digest to the fact of others beginning to get some level of success and satisfaction. Movie sets are the most of such occurrences where the actors face the major challenges, always on the firing squad and are prone to distraction that affects their performance considerably, there are few signs for them to be aware, tackle dexterously the moment you feel when you are affected by negative ENERGY!

Many people are not aware of the impact the energy can have on us. The truth is that when you are surrounded by positive energy even your body acts accordingly and more efficiently. Knowing that the negative energy has the negative impact on people as well. You can be a victim of this negative effects without being aware of it! There are some signs to find out if you are under the influence of the dark energy or not and in this article we are going to introduce them to you!

Some of the time when you feel Highly emotional and react bit aggressively.There are times when too many negative things are happening in your life and since you have no control over them, you become incredibly emotional. The first thing that happens to you when you are surrounded by negative energy is that you are highly emotional and what you need to do in order to stop that is to get the hold of it and cut the negativity out of your life even if they are people or friends that bring the dark energy in.

In despair mode you tend to miss the good side, this is when the negative energy fills you up, all you see is the dark side of everything and the negative side of it which will lead you to live a miserable life. You cannot find the good sides in anything because all you think about is this and how by doing this, you will lose so many things! If you do not stop this, you won’t be able to take a step, one single step forward! Think about that and try to find a way out.

Sometimes you are unable to concentrate on lines/dialogues because you are stressed. You realise that something is surely wrong and you feel stressed for no apparent reasons. Try looking out for the source and see where it is rooted from because you need to stop that negative energy or you will be living every single day not knowing what it is that is worrying you so much. The life will go on so fast, within a blink, before your eyes before you are able to catch it!

You feel angry and you are unable to perform. All you ever feel is frustration and exasperation which is draining all your energy away. The positive one, if there is some left. The tiniest things people do make you go crazy. You cannot control that and that is the reason why you are being super sensitive! With this attitude, you even suck all the positive energy out of everyone’s life and fill it all with the negative energy which is quite dangerous so you need to find a way to cure that anytime soon!

There is a constant fear of being criticized, this could be because you keep dwelling on the past and the mistakes that you have made and blame yourself for it. Remember, beating yourself up for something that is far gone makes no sense and nothing good comes out of it! Stop comparing yourself to others thinking you are far behind! You are not, you have done all you could to get where you are right now even if you missed some opportunities!

The thought keeps raging is of the unsureness of being accepted, please remember, One has to accept that right role goes to the right actor to whom the filmmaker feels deemed fit. You or anyone cannot alter or change their perception, casting agents come with pre-conceived notions of the actor to whom they are trying to source and hence perception is the origin of their choices and you cannot alter or change.So be there, participate in the audition, meet him, make him feel that you exist if not today some other day you would be his choice. Remember Olympics is made to move to participate and less to win. Try auditioning even if you sure that this is not meant for you at least you will acquire more confidence and courage to do better when you actually have to put an additional effort for the roles that are appropriately meant for you.

Similarly to the earlier fear, here you feel of being rejected, please also remember, struggling is the land of rejections, all those who have reached the top have climbed successes by building the bricks of rejections. You are not an exclusive, you have to follow the norms, rejection is part of the winning game. To win, you have to learn from failures and rejections. Be brave and face rejection.

Sometime or the other the fear of lack of confidence in oneself emerges and that keeps you doubted. You may start thinking of yourself as someone who is not worthy of having whatever you are having! Not worthy of the state you are in and things you have achieved! Stop doubting your value and doubt your beliefs. This is only happening because of the negative and dark energy. Let it out and start thinking about all the positive things that you have done that made you who you are right now!

Loneliness creeps in as you feel you are plummeted deep-down making you feel Introverted.You do not like to get out and party or even hang out with your friends. Talking to them tires your mind and you’d rather stay home do nothing than go out and participate in different activities! You need to stop yourself right there and start doing things against your will because right now your will is under the influence of the dark energy and the only way out is going against it!

Now, this is so unreal that you feel it is real because you are so ingrained that you want to be a Perfectionist.You always feel frustrated and annoyed because others are better than you. The feeling of perfectionism is kind of a negative energy as well! The thing is when you feel like things are not good enough, you need to make that better and that goes way far to the point that even if it looks good you still need to prove that to yourself and of course the satisfaction you want to get to is something you cannot achieve! You need to win all the arguments.

You have an intense urge to share negative stories or gossiping. If you find yourself sharing negative stories lately, that means you are under the influence of this negative energy! That negative story can be anything! Doesn’t matter if it is your story or something that you read in the papers this morning! This is the point where you even start to harm yourself so you need to man up or woman up and change the state of your mind and cut the negativity out!

Insecurity is always ingrained in the living being, humans are no lesser. The sense of insecurity is always a fear within oneself and a feeling of terror from external because the external forces always bring out the feeling of Insecurity within. Just assure yourself that everything is Insecure, the external forces to have the same feeling hence trying to create terror. You cannot change that its nothing but natural, just be alert and always on the lookout, but don't let that affect your performance.

Mithunda-actorHemushetty-Mithun-Mrigayaa-Cinemawallah-Ghinua-Hemu-Shetty-Newztabloid-Disco-Dancer-Mrinal-Sen-Bollywood- Mrinalda
Court scene during the trial of a murderer, Mithun was troubled and perplexed when he had to perform this scene as he couldn’t visualize the scene, Mrinal being actor's director, just told him to feel as if he is like an angry caged tiger, just wanting to break-out, Mithun enacted naturally and the performance was radiantly brilliant  , the result was truly body stirring to see the evocativeness of an animal-instinctive oozing out from a raw actor that made even the juries of all movie selectors to affirm their decision.
One classic example of a well known actor I can share is of Mithun Chakraborty, during the shooting of a movie Mrigayaa. Just out of the FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) after completing his Diploma in Acting, Mithun got selected for a lead role of a tribal in the movie Mrigayaa, which did come on a platter, this was with an intense struggle and with this he felt that he has managed to come out of his penury times with this movie. However, insecurity and unsurity were troubling him; It was on the last leg of the shoot and the movie was due to get its shooting schedule over within few days. Mithun was unsure of the outcome of this movie, more than the above he would be jobless as he didn't have any film in hand, he would be back to Mumbai knocking the filmwallah's doors for work and had a trouble of finding a shelter in Mumbai as he was undergoing difficult times with hardly any money in hand. He had to shoot this iconic shot of him moving in the cage of the trial session scene in the courtroom. The future problems were raging his mind, director Mrinal Sen had explained him the shot in detail , but he was so troubled about the fact that once this film was over he will be jobless, back in Mumbai and will have to began all over again face the rejections, insults , barbs, humiliation from the Industry, so-called friends and associates.

His first attempt at delivering the shot was unsuccessful as he couldn't give it right, the movie was due for completion, the crew member was worried as they too had to rush back home to their families as the shoot of this movie was conducted in the remote jungle of Massanpore in Jharkhand. Above all the movie was made on a limited budget, Mithun couldn't afford to give multiple retakes as time, raw film reel footage and money were at stake; the crew was getting jittery. Mrinal Sen, a veteran and prurient taskmaster guaged the situation and could make out on what was reeling in the troubled mind of this young man who had a great future and immense talent.

Mrinalda analysed the whole matter and explained the scene in an elderly way told him " Forget that you are human, just think yourself as a tiger caught in the cage, you have to relieve all your troubles and sufferings as if they are worthless, just think of letting yourself out from this cage". Mithun got the message the shot that came out became the soul-stirring  scene of the Movie, which made the fans of the Mithunda (adoringly addressed to him) to love him more dearly and jury of all the selection committee and film festivals in India and worldwide assured themselves of nominating this movie as a must see for all the art movie lovers. 

Knocking the doors of Industrywallah's and building connections with the Bollywood has become the norm for most of the strugglers who come for the distant part of the world to try their luck on displaying their talent. As two strangers meet, inhibitions and hesitancy to this never-tested talent always come up, refusing politely is the one way, however, the same aspirants turn up again, irritation jumps in as pre-occupation with daily routine takes a bold step to turn the aspirant away no matter whatever he feels. Adding to the response to any of the feelings that are generated due to such rejections Actor Hemu Shetty conveys "The message here is when any of such negative feeling creep in, just let yourself feel that you are senseless to such negative feelings, just get down to your instinct and try jettisoning all the things that distract you. The less you react to such negative attacks the more you become stable and gain affirmed in your work". The best part of being an evolving actor is to shun away all the feelings and forces that inhibit you. Just be yourself and bring out the talent within you unrestrained and unbridled and give the best to the character you have to perform with all your might. Actor Hemu Shetty, also a  Speech Reformer and a well-known actor from Bollywood  and Tulu Cinema, (now coined as TULUWOOD) , he is also been nicknamed as the Tulu Actor,  with his long experience as an acting coach , overall a celebrated self-styled campaigner of Mithun Chakraborty , having an ability of a #HistrionicAnalyzer and penchant of an  #HistrionicWriter.

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