Thursday, January 12, 2017

Actor's Performance Power can be boosted by stirring the inherent vicarious feelings

An insight gained in regards to Actor’s Performance Power through the outcome of few meetings with film reviewers, Bollywood journalists, Movie Directors, Movie Script-writers from variety of circles and acting coaches from the Acting Classes across Mumbai by Hemu Shetty, the Bollywood Villain who has been recently ranked favourite by bunt community within the inner circle as the promising Actor in the Tulu Cinema and has also been nicknamed as the Tulu Actor. He has painstakingly penned his findings concisely for the entire movie fraternity and expressed his request to all the upcoming Bollywood aspirants, struggling actors and students of acting to follow rigorously.

Actor Hemu Shetty portraying a role of a village Thakur in untitled movie
The findings are truly a revelation which can be concisely summarised in a statement stating that “The Confidence in the role and the Command over the character of the role for the power-packed bombastic performance of the protagonist will only stem when he is fearless, gung-ho and is keen to do head-on. This all go together from the conviction arising from the experience, training, rehearsals, getting below the skin of the character, discipline, being conducive, improvising and grooming on-ground.” The technique applied is same irrespective of the notations being enacted. However, few respondents have quoted stating its anonymity that a negative character like villain, villain, Khalnayak or Khalnaayak have to be more explosive than the positive or neutral characters. Late Actor Amrish Puri always rose above everyone in the screen frame as his presence became prominent as he cogently portrayed his character with confidence, power-jet explosion and with heart-rendered conviction.

Actor Hemu Shetty brooding during one of the official networking session
Adding to the above Hemu Shetty, an upcoming Bollywood movie villain and Tulu Cinema, a Hollywood aspirant, with his long experience as an acting coach , a keen observer of student behaviour and  an avid  movie watcher exemplifies " Every script has a hidden emotions and these Emotions can be stirred through vicarious feelings, by getting in to the skin of the character, which can fuel the momentum of the protagonist to enact spontaneously using precise actions to draw up emotional or  affective-memories, and then use these emotions to portray the required role as directed by the director thereby self-developing  the character’s thoughts and feelings through physical action, a concentrated use of the imagination, and a  belief in the “given circumstances” as crafted in the script"

Actor Hemu Shetty listening intently to his colleague's  monologue
The Protagonists need to inculcate the above habits during the rehearsal he has to re-charge his emotions, ruminate the lines, re-enact the scene mentally, re-energize him-self and trickling the energy fuel so that it boosts the confidence and dons greater command on the role or character he is playing. Remember it’s not easy in the beginning and it can be daunting for the actor if he hasn't done his homework. How can you obtain all of these attributes on your own? The answer is simple: build the confidence and belief that all the above is simple, doable and possible. Once you commit to this, automatically you create career-path and way-forward to Bollywood and this asserts the self-confidence in you, the next step is to seek out help by getting serious about training and developing concentration for memorizing. Undergoing and subjecting yourself to mass observation and all-moment learning can make all the difference in your process and upbringing your knowledge capability. This can also provide valuable and enriched experience and skills that will help you to perform confidently

Actor Hemu Shetty glares at an unwanted interrupter
The script should be seriously studied, develop the scene accordingly, tune your acting technique to the character and embed the same in the scene. Acting will come sponateously and care should be taken in refining the movement, dialects, diction and voice modulation. All the above should be stirred in limit within the perfect timing. All the respondent voiced the similar opinion stating practice, training, and timing is of paramount importance.

Actor Hemu Shetty mesmerized by the speech during the session

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