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Biggest haul of 150 GB collection of Mithun photos from the office computer of Actor Hemu Shetty

Raided in the IT Network of company premises; Actor Hemu Shetty boasts of his obsession to Mithun, as he discloses on how he felt indifferent on being  admonished  for violating the Employee Computer and Internet Usage Policy act 

An assemblage of Mithun Images over 150 GB found in the office computer of Actor Hemu Shetty
Biggest haul in the history of the raid conducted due to slowing down of the office server-cum-the computer network by a fan follower arising from the misuse of the company equipment who happens to be an employee of a reputed company by stacking up an assemblage of Images pertaining to Mithun Chakraborty, one of the India’s biggest dancing sensation to the size of 150 GB secretly and had been passionately contemplating to utilize for his personal blogs and social media posts. 

Imagine it is just images which he has stored on the office computer which itself is a great revelation and it has created a landmark in the scenario of fan-worship. Actor Hemu Shetty brags that he has got more collections in terms of Song Videos, dialogue Videos and heart-rendering scenes of his idol Mithun Chakraborty in his personal computer and hard disk drives. It was a big shock to the IT head of the company when they realised that the server was taking a long time to process a particular computer due to the huge stack of files, which was not permitted to store in the individual workstations. The IT head along with two of his colleagues did a network-run and found out that in the computer of Actor Hemu Shetty there were many videos and hi-rez pictures that had occupied too much of space.

On inquiring  and being reprimanded Actor Hemu Shetty gushed away saying nothing can stop him from pursuing his passion and love for his lifelong idol ,  always open to his love and devotion for this actor ; vociferously proclaimed his love and adulation for the actor and made an announcement openly in the bay area of the company in presences of more than 400 employees that apart from what he had in the office workstation, he had an additional  collection of images and videos of his favourite actor to the size of more than 200 GB which was stored on his personal computer.

The whole company was astonished as well as enamoured too at the revelation, which gave an impression of an obsessive possession of one’s fanatic belief in Mithunism, “this is height of being a Mithunist, risking one’s own job by using the office equipment and premise for sake of pursuing its passion for his childhood idol” commented Sirajudallah Ansari a technician who is willing to tattoo his whole body with names of movies that had Mithun in the lead roles

An ardent fan from Kolkata Surojit Nag threw up on this revelation with sheer happiness and prophesied “ we love Actor Hemu Shetty, he is one of the biggest fans and follower of Mithunda and Mithunda is our god, there is no bigger actor than him, he is one of the greatest icons of this millennium”.

IT technician reveals how all the files and folders where unearthed that was blocking the functioning of the firms IT network On finding the network blocked with overloads of downloads, the IT-Computer Networking dept of a PR Consulting Firm, raided the computers and Laptops of the firm to find a surprising cache of Mithun Chakraborty photos and video files from the computer of Actor Hemu Shetty.

Andrade D’Silva in a raised tone blurted “A complete violation of the company laws in terms of Computer and IT resources utility, Actor Hemu Shetty has used the office space, time, internet, bandwidth, disk space for personal use in order to follow his passion. he may be a great fan of Mithun, but it does not mean that he uses the office resource to follow his passion. Mithun should take note of such devotees and issue a circular to his fans about how his popularity is misused at the cost of the company wherever his fans are employed. Actor Hemu Shetty has violated on many counts and had brought loss to the company."

Few glimpses of the vast assemblage of photos ranging from vintage to current was found in the hard disk of Actor Hemu Shetty
Says Vivek Amin , a Mithun movie watcher, who has watched all the Mithun Movies and at times he too surfs the net to catch glimpse of his favourite songs and scenes screened on Mithun commented “ there is nothing big about such a collection, the crux is about the audacity of Actor Hemu Shetty despite being an employee of this company, which is bound by IT act and Official Utility act of the company properties, he has bluntly used office computer for the personal use in storing the images and pictures which was his personal property. I salute this level of adulation”

Says Maddy Baol, MD of the company giving his Santa Claus smile and grinning in a comical way, “ It's very much illegal, I am too a fan of  Mithun Chakraborty, but I can’t go to an extent of using the office computer in storing images and videos which is of personal consumption. Love and adulation apart, Actor Hemu Shetty will be dealt strictly with the violation of the office computer utility act. However seeing his love and fascination for the actor, who is also my idol, we will look at lenient measures…...Mithun is truly a great actor”

CTO of the Company who felt prostrated, with this incident felt taken off the guard, couldn’t find better words than mincing the following gospel “ The use of computers in the office is solely for company use and for corporate productivity, computers in the office increase productivity not only in areas such as word processing, data management and information access but also in information creation, collation and ultimately storage. The amount of time most office workers spend at the computer has been increased due to increased productivity and multiple targets, in that case, some leeway is permitted to an employee to destress can utilize some of his time for personal benefits but not to an extent of utilizing this 100GB space and more than 10000000000 GB of internet data in viewing Mithun films, downloading Videos and Mithun related content, this is height of Mithunism. Mithun’s glory and popularity shouldn't be misused” 

Enthralled to highest, Actor Hemu Shetty beams over his collections and fondly looks over the screen and joyfully commented when asked about the violation of the employee utility of the computer act  “ All this is my collections, I breathe and live with this content, my source of inspiration and the energy for life comes from viewing Mithunda’s work, I care a hoot to anyone who feels violated, Mithun is my love and my idol, muck goes the company and muck-suck anyone who thinks I am wrong in storing my idol's images and videos, all of my professional work gets motivated when personal passion is given absolute freedom and I get my self-fuelled drive by eagerly pursuing my passion and Mithunda is my passion”

As this had jolted the entire team, the IT personnel assigned to the vigilance duty was totally shaken , Anselm Dias, recalled the IT guideline books and murmured “ As a company with ethics we have laid down the policies for Employee Personal Use of Business Equipment and would like every employee adhere to the same, idolism and passion for one’s talent won’t be tolerated if this is used excessively as a whole host of problems can arise when employees use business equipment for personal purposes. Loss of productivity and the misuse of business resources can be curtailed with workplace policies that address the personal use of business equipment”

However the immediate superior of the actor who out of sympathy to his subordinate commented “Actor Hemu Shetty’s performances and  fulfilling  business targets has been achieved and we value his efforts and contribution to the growth of the company, however personal use of  equipment that doesn't interfere with work is one thing, but how do you handle situations where the employee plays games on the computer (or does some other kind of personal business) during work time? thereby using major of his time frittering away rather than fulfilling the productivity of the company, here Actor Hemu Shetty was perfect in delivering what was due to him, his personal passions are irrelevant to me as long as he delivers to my fulfilment"

The company goes wild and proceeds in putting up a violation act against the Actor Hemu Shetty as more than trillion GB downloading of data through videos, films, images and other Mithun related content was interchanged (download/upload); truly a Fan-endearing story of lovemanship and idol-adulation to Mithun Chakraborty

The HR Assistant, Margaret Kuredkar, little sly and stern in her view, yet meek, stated timidly in regards to superior's comment" The equipment provided by the company is for the profitability and the employees' should restrict its personal habits and ensure that it behold the personal use at a minimum level. In all the respect and comprehensiveness we have clearly communicated to all employees and made all the efforts and check to see that the practice is consistently enforced”

“ But with loading of more than 100Gb files  has dragged down the our server and his machine’s performance leading to time-optimization of productivity and misuse of company’s internet data is more of unethical practice , moreover it has become problematic when those systems run critical business processes loads the server to process other data and application in the network” says an outsourced  Networking Engineer who has been brought in to solve certain issues which had crept in the network due to huge storage in pix’s in result of Actor Hemu Shetty’s passion for  collection of Mithun photos , he requested to keep his name anon as he didnot want to get into the bad books of his client and he too is a devoted fan of Mithun.

Every business involves the use of some sort of equipment which employees need to do their job, and this equipment is generally provided by the business. While some personal use of business equipment is realistic to be expected, problems can arise when the personal use is excessive. Totally helpless due to his team's negligence added Andrade Silva a whining tone (just for the sake of saying)   "As the cpanel on the dashboard was showing the maximum load on one resource indicating at one particular computer and processing time was taken excessively at the disk of the same, the company has the authority on the basis of the fact that it reserves the right to enter, search,  and monitor the computer files or email of any employee, without advance notice, for business purposes such as investigating theft, disclosure of confidential business or proprietary information, or personal abuse of the system, or monitoring workflow or productivity."

A finance-cum-Markets reporter Sartak Sen and a preacher of Mithunism, who works for a foreign media firm and is also working on a blue print to start a worldwide fan club for Mithunda was elated to maximum when he got to know of this incident, a jovial smile lit his face, looked up at the almighty and prayed “ Thank you God, atlast, a true messenger of Mithunism has come to earth, Actor Hemu Shetty is the true Mithunist and a true follower of Mithunism, with him coming in the forefront more of such Mithunist believers will reveal their true love abundantly” 

Every company has the Employee Internet Usage Policy (aka Company Internet Policy or Computer Usage Policy) in place, sometimes it is tailored made, customised through the individual IP settings , that is outlined as per the guidelines for the use of the company’s internet connection, data download, site accessibility, network and equipment. And expects employees to avoid inappropriate or illegal internet use that creates risks for our company’s legality and reputation. Says Alok Charma, Chief Peoples Officer (CPO) in his unintelligible broken English with rural-accent (misfit to his position) “ We don’t want to restrict our employees’ access to websites of their choice, but we expect our employees to exercise good judgement and remain productive at work while using the internet.”

The entire organization is stilling grappling with the decision on what basis the action should be rendered by a deviant employee, moreover his colleagues and peers are still struggling to meet the deadlines and fulfil client-requirements, but here unbridled, unconcerned, focussed and an un-flinched Mithun Chakraborty loyalist Actor Hemu Shetty has gone overboard to fulfill his passion and love for Mithunda. In all such hullabaloo, commotions and Chaos, Actor Hemu Shetty is unshaken as this event has unfolded his undying passion and unconditional love for Mithun Chakraborty.

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